The work website of Michael Ward, author of Planet Narnia


Michael Ward PhotoTo date, I've written or edited four books (see below).  To view my essays, articles and reviews, click on the sub-menu.

CamcomcslThe Cambridge Companion to C.S. Lewis

ed. Robert MacSwain and Michael Ward 

(Cambridge University Press, 2010)

Narnia Code Cover (small)The Narnia Code: C.S. Lewis and the Secret of the Seven Heavens

Michael Ward

(Tyndale House / Paternoster, 2010)

Final Cover DesignPlanet Narnia: The Seven Heavens in the Imagination of C.S. Lewis

Michael Ward

(Oxford University Press, 2008)

Heresy Book Cover Heresies and How to Avoid Them

ed. Ben Quash and Michael Ward

(SPCK / Hendrickson, 2007)